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IT & Hacking Quotes of The Day #1

Mulai hari ini, dan selepas entri ini dikeluarkan, Mr.Hac akan menambah beberapa lagi segmen baru seperti IT/Hacking Quotes of The Day dan Lyrics of The Day. Bab lirik tu bukan apa, sebab Mr.Hac ni suka dengar lagu! Jadi mari kita baca beberapa quotes pilihan hari ini.

1. My computer is always right, THE HUMAN is always the PROBLEMS - Mr.Hac

2. I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them - Isaac Asimov

3. It’s hardware that makes a machine fast. It’s software that makes a fast machine slow - Craig Bruce

4. Software Engineering might be science; but that's not what I do. I'm a hacker, not an engineer - Jamie Zawinski

5. If you give a hacker a new toy, the first thing he'll do is take it apart to figure out how it works - Jamie Zawinski

6. The hacker mindset doesn't actually see what happens on the other side, to the victim - Kevin Mitnick

7. Then again, my case was all about the misappropriation of source code because I wanted to become the best hacker in the world and I enjoyed beating the security mechanisms - Kevin Mitnick

8. If you think your users are idiots, only idiots will use it – Linus Torvalds

9. I am not out to destroy Microsoft, that would be a completely unintended side effect – Linus Torvalds

Amacam? Dah faham IT and Hacking Quotes tu apa? Hahah! Menarik kan?
Nanti akan ada lagi! Jangan bimbang. Tapi sekarang Mr.Hac nak balik rumah. Tak sempat nak letak laman rujukan. Kemudian lah ya! Haha!
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