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Lyrics of The Day #5

Langsuyr - Bastardized Rejaman Sihir @ Pontianak

Blessings to Our dethroned Sri Maharaja
The quest of ultimate darkness has begun
Hording the vengeance of a thousand Pagan Men
The procession of the Spectral Huntsmen

Golden Throne upon the infinite Horizon
Awaiting the all Four Winds to meet
Gathering the power of Nur Mani
Channeling the Seven Colours of Pelangi

Marching to the Land of Golden fields
Beneath the Clouds, across the Horizon
(Is) where I heard the cries of My howling
Thus I who saw the Flowers that bleed

This is the tale of the Bastardized
The Flame-Entity who attacked the Sun
Descending into the power and the glory
Where all Days are equal as Nights

Pain of a Serpent-Sword that flies into the Seventh-Sky
Witnessing the horrid battles and plights in Kayangan
The tears of the mournful Gods revealed all the weaknesses
Thy glory is at hand through Rites of Neraka thus prevailed

Countless Ravens swarming into the heart of Pagan Men
As the weak shall be beheaded and Rejam into the Pit
Thee is standing proud howling at the Seventh-Sky
Thee is the One, "Akulah Jahannam...!"

As the Rain become the rhythm
Of a pain that would not last
Flowers fall from the Sky
Its the end of the tale of the Bastardized
Journey to the Sea
Motley colours of the Skin
Cries of the Moon
As My journey ends to this pityful War!

Mr.Hac : Sekadar mengenang kembali zaman atas pentas!
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