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iHack 2012 Terbuka Untuk Pendaftaran SEKARANG!!!

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera
iHack 2012 terbuka untuk pendaftaran sekarang, ya begitulah tajuknya saudara-saudara sekalian.

Ok, pertandingan ini terbuka kepada otai-otai dan pro-pro sahaja, (script kiddies boleh jalan).
Hahahaha. Anda boleh mendaftarkan diri di laman rasminya di sini.
Daftarlah sebelum tarikh tutup penyertaan iaitu 10 November 2012
Pertandingan ini terdapat beberapa peraturan yang amat penting yang mesti dipatuhi.

Rules and Regulations

  1. This competition is only open to IPTA and IPTS students with age limit not more than 26 years old.
  2. All the contestants have to wear appropriate attires to the competition.
  3. All the contestants need to attend the briefing session before the competition.
  4. The contestants have to bring their own laptops and hacking tools.
  5. No discussion and exchanging information with other group (the penalty will be charged).
  6. No attacking or exploiting network infrastructure devices, such as switches, routers, etc.
  7. No attacking or exploiting other contestant systems.
  8. No changing or spoofing of MAC address is allowed.
  9. The results from jury are final and cannot be argued.
  10. By participating, contestants agree to be bound by these official rules and sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any contestant it finds to be violating these Official Rules.
Kategori dan Cara Pembayaran:
12-Hour Hacking and Defence Competition- RM200.00
Computer Forensic Competition- RM200.00
Design Competition- RM200.00
Mobile Security Competition- RM200.00
Security Explorace- RM200.00
Workshop: Ethical Hacking for Beginners- RM30.00
Workshop: Uncover Hidden Evidence- RM30.00
Workshop: Penetration Testing and Analysis- RM30.00

Bank : Affin Bank
Name: Bendahari UiTM
Account No: 105140003422
Do keep the receipt for proof of payment and reference.
Thank you.


12-Hour Hacking and Defense Competition
1st RM 8000 2nd RM 6000 3rd RM 4000
12-Hour Computer Forensic Competition
1st RM 8000 2nd RM 6000 3rd RM 4000
12-Hour Design Competition
1st RM 5000 2nd RM 4000 3rd RM 3000
12-Hour Mobile Security Competition
1st RM 8000 2nd RM 6000 3rd RM 4000

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