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Papago M11 Untuk Peranti Android

Assalammualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua..

   Hari ini saya ingin berkongsi dengan anda semua tentang perisian "Navigasi Papago versi M11". Seperti yang anda ketahui, ini adalah versi terkini dari artikel yang pernah dibuat oleh saudara Angelezo seperti di sini: [Papago M9].

• Intelligent Search Function
• Simple, User Friendly Interface
• Fast Route Calculation
• Comprehensive Map Data (You can switch map from settings)
- MaLFreeMaps is from and is free.
•More than 20,000 Singapore postal codes
•More than 2,300 junction view images
•More than 220 fixed speed cameras
•More than 150 3D Landmarks.
•Newly opened roads
•Coverages: Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei
- SLA (for Singapore)
• No need to Connect to Internet (Wi-Fi/3G)
• Automatic and Free Map Download from internet
• Clipboard Navigation Function
•Intelligent Search Function
•Multi Navigation Mode: 2D/3D/Split Screen
•Road Elevation Display
•Inside Tunnel Simulation
•Portrait/Landscape Dual Mode Support
•Auto Zooming the Map by Speed
•Day and Night Map Mode
•Speed Camera Alarm
•Built-in 3D Buildings
•Built-in 3D landmarks
•Junction Views (realistic view of motorway interchanges and exits)

Please let us know if any feedback. Please email to We will solve it as soon as possible.
•No GPS signal on device?
1.Please make sure Location Services are working. On your device, go to Settings > Location > GPS satellites.
2.Remove the handset restricting if there's any.
3.Some vehicles have a heat reflective shield embedded in the windscreen, which may prevent your device from locating your current position.
4.Your device must be outdoors to locate your current position.
•Why the battery draining so fast?
1.GPS navigation system need to set the backlight always on, so 100% full battery can be used for 1.5 hours.
•Why the navigation system not support AGPS?
1.Because the accuracy of AGPS is not reliable enough, so PAPAGO! will not use AGPS signal.
•How to recover My List?
1. Please make a copy of NaviM11SGMY/SAVE/PPGPOIX7.DAT before updating map data.
2. Recover PPGPOIX7.DAT back after you finish updating new map data.
Cara Install Papago M11:
  1. Download dan extract "NaviM11SGMY".
WeiYun (TenCent Cloud)
    2. Salin folder "NaviM11SGMY" ke dalam memori telefon "internal" ==> (Gingerbread 2.1/2.2/2.3) atau salin ke dalam memori telefon "external SD Card" => (ICS 4.0.3-JellyBean)
    3. Install "Papago!SGMY_Navitotal[H-S].apk" yang ada dalam folder "NaviM11SGMY"
    4. Muat turun pula peta untuk Malaysia:
Malaysia MFM Maps (28/01/2014)
    5. Extract peta yang telah muat turun tadi ke dalam folder: {NaviM11SGMY=> Maps}
    6. Siap..
    7. Jika anda perlukan peta terbaru, sila pergi ke website berikut. Kena daftar dulu dan pendaftaran percuma:
Map Features
1. Junction views.
2. Lane assists.
3. 3D Buildings (courtesy of Papago).
4. Shaded intersections.
5. Toll booth alert (Selected toll roads).
6. Speed limit sign.
7. Speed camera alert & icon display. - AES Speed Camera Alert Included.
8. Fast POI search.
9. Custom POI icons.
10. Malaysia highway symbol.
11. Announce approaching underpass, flyover, bridge, tunnel, parking area and rest area.
12. Singapore postal code.
13. Coverage of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.
Credit untuk [] <=== Sila ke website tersebut untuk muat turun peta singapura. Sekian..

p/s: Jangan tanya saya model telefon apa yang menyokong perisian ini. Saya tiada modal untuk mencuba setiap jenis model telefon.. Telah cuba di Galaxy Note dengan jayanya. Harap maklum..
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