Servis MyTunnel VPN Akan Ditamatkan

Terdapat satu berita sedih untuk semua para pengguna/pelanggan servis MyTunnel VPN:

Dear all MyTunnel users...
I am very sorry to post this suddenly. Since 2012, MyTunnel is one of my greatest invention. I do the web, I do the scripting and I do the maintaining. There have been many experience that I got while handling this service. Like all other company, sometimes we will be at the top, and sometimes we got really down below. 
MyTunnel will be close in less than 30 days!! Why? Because the users think that VPN = bypass quota. And it happen because bug in the ISP (YES 4G/Maxis/Wimax/Celcom). And now all of this has been patch. Unluckily, most MyTunnel users expect VPN to do this and they intend to subscribe to MyTunnel because of this bug. Since I didn't know what is the purpose of MyTunnel user use vpn for, so I thought that they are not using it for illegal reason. But after the latest bug patch from Yes 4G, now I know. 
It is hard to pay for the servers since it costs more than RM1000 per month. But the users is decreasing and I cannot afford it anymore. So, you will understand why it will be close. 
For this status,, MyTunnel will make a comeback later. But now as a student, I still stuck with my Final Year Project and did not have much time to concentrate to my personal project. But I still don't know when the comeback will begin. 
For those who still have balance, the balance will be keep safe until MyTunnel made a comeback. And for those who still have time until next month, please halalkan the next month payment because I already use it to pay the servers. If I die before the comeback, please halalkan also. 
Today or next day, some of the servers will go down. And this coming monday or tuesday, you can use gaming server without restriction until all the servers go down.
Thanks for supporting MyTunnel... If you have any question, please make a comment in MyTunnel Facebook page.. Thanks..

Saya sebagai seorang sahabat berasa amat sedih dengan berita ini, kerana bagi saya MyTunnel sudah lama bertapak dan telah pun kukuh di dalam bidang perkhidmatan/servis VPN ini. Sukar untuk mencari galang-ganti, disebabkan oleh kesesuaian harganya dengan para pengguna, khususnya pelajar.

Saya berapa amat kesal dengan sikap para pengguna yang cuma mahu 'bypass quota', sedangkan saya sudah berkali-kali memberitahu ia hanyalah bugs dari sistem MVNO masing-masing yang lambat-laun akan ditampal (patch) jua.

Apapun saya berharap agar Admin MyTunnel akan kembali 'menghidupkan' servis VPN ini, dan jika itu berlaku, blog ini akan menjadi suara rasminya, InsyaAllah.

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