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Android Emulator List



Before we start let us talk about what exactly is android. To make it simple android is a operating system or OS that your Phone or Tablet need. Without an OS your phone or tablet can not be use cause it was the OS like android that make your phone or tablet work.

What we are talking here mostly not the android that you see on TV which is we call robot or something else but we are talking about a things that working inside your phone or tablet.

Android is a mobile operating system (OS) bases on Linux kernel and currently developed by our beloved Google, you can read more about android OS from the wiki just click on the image below:

Now here came the awesome part, as you all know the android OS are used in your phone or tablet and without it your phone or tablet are useless, but if you don't have any phone or tablet you actually still can use android on your computer by using an emulator.

By using the android emulator you can almost do all the same thing that you do on your phone or tablet too such as surfing and using apps like games and social chatting apps.

Some of the emulator did not came in free and some of them need a bit of tweaking to be able it to run  smoothly on your computer. Okay now here are the moment that you all have been waiting for;

The Emulator Lists:

1. Bluestack
2. Andyroid
3. Genymotion
4. Amiduos
5. Youwave
6. Manymo
7. Jar of Bean
8. Native
9. Virtualbox

This is the only list I could find for now if you seen other emulator that worth to try just let me know and I will add it on the list above.

Most of the emulator above will be able to run your android but some need tweaking, work and installation before you can use it. Just search it on the net to learn how to setup this tool as your android emulator.

If you all need our help on how to setup it on your computer just leave your comment below and our OMG! Hackers? team might give you a detail tutorial on how to setup your android emulator on your computer.

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