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Celcom Is The Worst Telco In Malaysia

I felt like I'm the man that responsible to write this article to be read by all Malaysian. I can't stand it anymore. Right now, Celcom is bugging me with the lawyer's letters, telling me that I still have outstanding balance in my past bill. That is full of BS!

Why? it is simply because I have already paid for it! The story begin when I made my decision to port in to U Mobile a long time ago. After several month jump in and jump out from one telco to another, I came back to Celcom using the same number. So they gave me a different account number, which was the reason why all of this mess happened on the first place.

I've already closed the old account, and also paid what was left. When I decided to port out from Celcom and chose DiGi as my new telco, I also PAID for the last bill, which was RM128.45 to be exact. That is not a small amount of money you know. The problem begin when Celcom staff at Alamanda put the payment into my old account! Yes. It wasn't my fault, it was his! Why in the world you didn't do everything that you should do, double check, triple check, everything!

So the account that was supposed to be fully paid right now declared as NOT PAID and Celcom sent the lawyers to pursue me because they insist that I have to pay for it. Seriously?? It was your staff fault and then you put the blame on me? Hell no! There you go Celcom, a report to SKMM was made.

Today when I went to Celcom Centre at Sungai Chua to verify my payment, they told me that the system is currently OFFLINE. What in the world?? Have you lost your mind? Do you know that it is really hard for me to get a spare time, to go to your centre and clear all of this BS?

This is not the first time I've been in HELL with Celcom. I have past record with SKMM and if Celcom still insist, I will write a report and I will not hesitate to go to the court. Or did I just wrote the whole report in this article? You decide! I won't pay a dime to Celcom, ever! Fix your system first, and also the Pay-Per-Use for prepaid plan should be repealed! This is a separate issue, which I think I have covered enough in my late article right here :

Sistem PPU Akan Memusnahkan Celcom

If you happened to be one of Celcom's victim, please spread this, let all people know how worst they are. Don't let any other people be their next victim!

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