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Deezer vs Spotify

I've been a long time Spotify Premium user since the interface was still white. When I made the switch to DiGi Postpaid, I've been 'forced' to use Deezer instead of Spotify.

so how was it? Was it good? Or something else?

Deezer vs Spotify

Deezer for me is a new music streaming service that is trying to catch up with spotify. It have various plans, from Bose speaker user, to Sonos and like what I'm using right now, as a DiGi Deezer Premium + Bundle subscriber.

Client/User Interface

I'm not gonna lie here, I like Spotify's UI more than Deezer simply because it is dark. I will prefer a dark UI over white anytime and every time. But Deezer's UI is much much cleaner and easier to navigate. Nothing confusing or too messy here.I love the 'Hear This' feature over Spotify's 'Overview'.

However, for Deezer, it just have two types of media player/client. One is the web player version and the other is Android client. It is unfortunate that Deezer want to keep everything simple by does not provide a client for PC/Mac. I would like to use a PC client over a web based client because I don't want to put a heavy streaming client in my web browser, and also it will be more usefull with an offline feature in the PC client. But that just me.

Monthly Fee

For monthly fee, both of them have the same rate at RM14.90. But as a DiGi Deezer Premium + Bundle subscriber, I got a discounted price at RM8 monthly only. That is a huge difference and a nice deal for me. Yeah, you know, for my economy and bla bla bla. If DiGi happened to collaborate with Spotify in the future, I will not gonna hesitate and will definitely subscribe to its premium service any time. For now, lets just say I'm happy with my decision to switch to Deezer (sssyhhh, because it's cheaper!).

Songs Collection/Library

This is another thing that I wanted to let everybody know. Since Deezer just entered the US market, some songs are still not available and greyed out in the player. Other than that several albums that ha been my favourite like In Flames are also not available yet. I hope this will gonna change in the future, but for now we have to deal with it.


I will not gonna tell everybody to make the switch, because not all of you are a DiGi Postpaid user. But if you think you wanted to try something different, then please do so. Maybe you will like it, maybe you will regret and say "Mehhh, Spotify is definitely a better service'. Yeah, it is bitter for me to say this but Spotify is a better service in terms of songs/library collection, but Deezer is still new. Give it a chance and you will satisfied with it when you find out the songs collection are just like Spotify.

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