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EyeEm vs Plague

I'm not a fan of a 'versus' entry, because I can't keep myself 'centered' towards a good writing. But I can't stand it when it comes to these two good and soon to be great new social apps. They are EyeEm, and Plague.

So What Is EyeEm and Plague?

Both EyeEm and Plague are the new social network, but both works in a different way, unique ways so to speak. Why? Because EyeEm is a new way for amature or professional photographers working their way to the top by posting their photos and be well known to the world. One can get a lot of followers, likers, same like they can get in Facebook but through this app it is a whole new level where every users in the world can see it, like it, and share it to any other social apps, cloud service or anything that Android throw at you, you name it.

The beauty of EyeEm is that if you have took any pictures using you phone's camera, the app itself have a lot of amazing filters that you can use to enhance you picture. Once you have post your picture, get yourself ready to have new followers, likers, can also commentators. This app have strong community, about 10 millions (according to other blogs) and they just keep growing.

Plague on the other hand works like viruses. Yeah, I mean it. That's why the app itself called as 'Plague'. You don't have to have likers, or friends, and such things like that. You just have to post your pictures and get notice. Once people started to spread/like your pictures, it will gonna be viral in just a matter of time. Plague is simple. If you like the photo/quote/video, you just have to swipe up. If you don't, then swipe down. Other than that you can also tap on the photo to read comments or leave your own right there.

Sounds like a simple app right? The simple it is, the better. Same would say 'less is more'. Where this app emerge as a clear competition to EyeEm is when users don't have to have followers or likers, on the same time they have what it called as 'Infected' people and they can track progress of the 'infected' from time to time. Mark my words, it is so addicting I can't stop to keep swiping. Heh..


Instagram? What's that bros? We have better alternatives right here. Whether you choose to use EyeEm, or Plague, both of them will make you feels like you're somebody in this whole community. No matter what you choose to post, what material or whatever you feel convenient to share, make yourself noticed in both of the app, and... the addiction starts.. Right about.. Now..

Try them yourself :

Click me ---> EyeEm

Click me too bro ---> Plague

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