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If you read the title it was not the pot that you used to know this is Potplayer a multimedia player. It was not new in town but not really well known by people, base on the update log that they post on their site it have been around quite long.

I have been a Gom Player user for a very long time until I found this new baby, this player is just what I need, it really easy to use and it doesn't have to take any tweaking to have the best quality of image and audio.

This player was enhanced with H/W Acceleration which provide you the maximum performance with minimum usage of resource of DXVA, CUDA and QUICKSYNC.

The best thing is you can use this player to watch a 3D image or video, I have not test this features yet cause I don't have any 3D glasses but to have this function in a multimedia player is something totally awesome.

This player also support various subtitle format and same goes for the codec. If you have been downloading a video from the YouTube recently by using Internet Download Manager you might have seen and meet with my little buddy Mr.MKV and you might realize that he is little bit harder to handle where not all multimedia player can play with him. Well just give him this Potplayer then you can relax and enjoy the show.

If I going to talk about this player this post will be the longest post in the world so why don't you just test it for yourself and see how awesome this player could be. It will not take time to download and install this player and don't forget this player is free too so it worth to try.

You can find the link for this player on my blog, click the image below.

Try this player and leave us your thought in the comment section below, adios~

p/s: I really hate multimedia player that stream annoying ads in a player while I'm using it

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