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VLC For Android Finally Hit Stable Version

As time goes by, whether it's for Windows or Linux, I'll be using 2 video players and one of them is Video LAN Client or VLC.  The other one is SMPlayer, but in this article I would like to talk about VLC for Android that has just released as stable version few days ago.

If you happened to be a VLC fan for a long time, you'd already knew that VLC for Android have been in the beta stage for a long time. I'm not quite remember for how long, but I think several years has passed by.

But VLC for Android for sure does not disappointed. For the same reason I love VLC in Windows/Linux, VLC for Android also does the same thing, it played almost everything and it's fast.

All basic features are there, from gesture to increase the volume, brightness level, to change the interface into a dark theme, you name it. As for the size, the apk is slightly larger than MX Player though.

For those who are curious for how good this player is, head to the Google Play Store because it's officially available for free. Yes, it is free and what is the best of them all, it is compatible with almost every devices out there.

Download and try it yourself : VLC for Android

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