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What is Operating System (OS)?

junk koyoe


Have you ever heard or read anything about Operating System (OS)? If yes then its good, you probably know what I will be talking on this post today.

Well when we talk about operating system it is actually cover a very big scope but for today post we only talk about the operating system that can be found in your computer.

Most of us will know the things that we called Windows or Mac in our computer but just a few of us actually know the things that we called Windows and Mac are actually called Operating System (OS).

That is the reason why some people get blurred when asked what is the operating system they have in their computer and the craziest answer can came up like these;

"I don't have operating system in my computer but I have Windows installed in it"

To understand further about OS just click the image below, it will bring you to Wikipedia. You can read what is OS and the history of OS over there.

If have read the wiki about OS then there is actually nothing I can share anymore on this page because all the information about OS are written there. The only things you need is a passion to read, so read it all, don't miss any single words.

Since there is really nothing I can share anymore over here so I will list down and attach some image of the OS that I can find on the net;

1. Windows

By Microsoft -
Latest OS Release - Windows 8.1 (Stable), Windows 10 (Preview,Dev)

Windows OS Image

Windows 10

Windows 8.1

2. Mac

By Apple -
Latest OS Release - OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite Image

3. Ubuntu

By Canonical Ltd., Ubuntu community
Latest OS Release - 14.10 Utopic Unicorn

14.10 Utopic Unicorn Image

Well this is the only I can share for now, a few of them that have been mention and not been mention in this post actually have been reviewed and posted on the other post in this blog. If you search carefully you will see it around in this blog.

Sorry for this bad post, kinda busy for now so to make up for this not so cool post please visit my blog Junk-Koyoe to read about Clash Of Clan Tips - Part 1, just click the image below;

Clash Of Clan Tips - Part 1

p/s: Clash Of Clan Tips -Part 2 will be posted on this blog (OMG! Hackers?) so just stay tuned for it

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