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8Share Earning Didn't Increase



Before we start this topic please do some reading on my old post about 8Share on my blog, Junk-Koyoe;

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Here are a few reason why your 8Share earning did not increase;

The obvious reason is there is no one interested in clicking your 8Share ads links, if you have been sharing the link in normal way then the percentage of your link caught people attention is so low. If you are using Facebook try to post your link in a group or page that have a lot of member or visitor instead of posting your ads on your wall. Posting the link on your Facebook wall is one of your biggest mistake especially for those who doesn't have a lot of friends.

The second reason is you got cheated by other, if you are exchanging your link in a group or in a chat there is a big possibility that they actually did not click your ads after asking you to click their ads. In this case you can ask them to print screen their click activity as a prove.

When exchanging ads link the important things you all have to set in your mind is to always remember that when clicking each other link you have to be in incognito (browser mode/condition). When one of you failed to be incognito then the other side of the party will not get the benefit from exchanging the ads link.

The biggest problem why your 8Share earning did not increase came from 8Share it self, I found that sometime 8Share failed to update their user earning even after a few hour. I'm not sure why it happen but what I'm sure is while this problem are occurring all clicking activity will not be counted, if you are lucky you might got a few click counted. When this thing happen what I do is stop sharing my links, switch off my internet modem and desktop then go to sleep.

The other reason can be found on my blog, link can be found above.

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