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Aoao Video Watermark Pro

Keep Your Uploaded Video Safe

Before we go on further on this topic let me ask you a few question first;

1. Did you like to upload your precious video to online site hosting?

2. Have your video stolen from your site?

3. Did someone take credit from the video that you made?

If all the answer to the question above is YES then you have came to the right place, your problem will be solve by putting a watermark on your own video.

you can simply do it by downloading this software and start using it to create your own watermark.

Aoao Video Watermark Pro

junk koyoe

To be honest I was not really interested in any part of video management or process, what ever you called it, but I do watch a lot of video either a movie or anime.

So basically, I'm reviewing this software in a beginner perspective. The way I see this software might be different from those who have been in this area for some time.

As a beginner I thought that I might face a few difficulty in using this software but it just my imagination. This software is easy to use and I didn't face any difficulty in understanding every function it have. The download process was also have been perfect for me, no additional ads either virus or error while downloading.

The installation process also didn't take time, it finish in a blink of an eye. No additional software needed to be installed to install this software, but I still suggest you all to update your operating system before using this software.

My first impression about this software when I click the exe file is this software have quite good interface. I can easily see all the option needed to create a watermark, for a beginner this is something really useful and handy at the same time, it save a lot of my time to search every corner of this software.

After familiar with all the function and features available in this software I try to do a simple experiment to create my own watermark. Then once again I'm impressed with this software, as a beginner I manage to create my own watermark in just a few minute. Well due to my lack of creativity it does not look good so I don't want to upload any picture of it here.

What I like about this watermarking software?

Obviously it easy to use but mostly because of the function and features it offer such as batch watermarking. This features save a lot of our time while in the watermarking process, it allow you to do and add multiple watermarking at the same time.

Other than text watermarking it also provide you with image and shape watermarking where with your creativity you can create an awesome watermark for your own.

The biggest awesome part is this software support a lot of video format either as an input or output and when I said support a lot of format means it allow you to have an HD video format as the ouput of your video.

If you have interest on this software you can get it from their site and you can learn more about this software on their site too.

The specific functions and features of this software:

*Add Text/Image/Shape Watermark to videos
*Creat Dynamic Watermark and Subtitle Effects
*Provide 200+Free Watermark Materials
*Add Specific Effects to video
*Support a wide range of video formats: AVI, MPS, FLV, MOV,MPG,etc.

This software came in two version, free trail and paid version. Use the free trail version to do some experiment with it and buy it if you satisfied on what it offer to you.

Download free trail from the link below, all link are safe, no e.coli attached.


As a conclusion I'm quite satisfied with this software even as a beginner and a basic user like me could use and understand it easily without any difficulty.

p/s: check out their site, they still have other interesting product that you might like to try

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