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Clash Of Clan Tips - part 2

junk koyoe

Clash Of Clan Tips - Part 2

Read Clash Of Clan Tips - Part 1 from Junk-Koyoe, click the image below;

junk koyoe

Well if you have read the first part of this post then it will be good for you since i have cover quite good info about Clash of Clan in the first part, so if you haven't read it I suggest you to go to my blog and read it first.

In my first post I have talk about how to play COC efficiently on your computer and I also have start the COC gameplay tips, so in this post we will continue our topic about COC gameplay.

COC Gameplay Tips

Clan Wars

For part 2 gameplay tips we will only be focusing on clan wars, this is only a tips and there is a lot of other way to play the game so don't be so over reacted on what I will share over here.

A clan wars obviously is about a war between two clan, your clan and another clan. If you have a good leader and co-leader in your clan they probably will guide you on how to beat your opponent in the clan war.

Since you are only given two chance to attack any enemy clan base so use it wisely do not attack randomly, the best thing to do is attacking enemy base that have the same number as you. Let say your base number is 40 then you can attack the same enemy base that have the same number as you. You can also attack enemy base that have higher number than you but most of the time the higher the enemy base number the strongest it will be, so do not act foolish by attacking enemy base that you can't win.

In simple word just attack the weak enemy base that you can win either the same rank or base number as you or lower than you.

To win a battle is not easy because the winning factor did not came from one player only, it came from the whole attack made by all the player in your clan. Notice that each winning attack made by you or your clan mate will give you one until three stars, this star will be the main point on how to decide which clan win the war.

To summarize it, the more star can you clan can collect from the war the higher your clan chance to win the war ( wow it feel awkward to use this term ).

Winning and gaining start will guarantee your clan winning chance, decide correctly which enemy base should be attacked.

Discuss with your clan mate what troop that suitable to break the enemy base defense, plan which area to drop your troop.

Talk the possibility of where the enemy plant their trap and think what could happen if you randomly drop your troop.

Use your two chance of attacking wisely, for the first attack try to win and get full star or at least two star. Do not rush to use your second attack, wait until all you clan mate finish their first attack, now look at the result of the first attack. If you clan are winning by big gaps then discuss with your clan mate either to use the second attack to get some loot from higher and rich enemy base or to use it increase your clan stars.

Usually when a clan is winning the enemy with a big gaps number of star it should be alright to do some looting but be careful your enemy clan could possibly do some counter attack at the last minute or the end of the clan wars and it could be the reason to lost the war.

I hope this tips will be useful for you even though there is only a few information given in this topic, next topic I will be talking about base layout which is will cover base layout that might be useful for you in clan wars.

I will post part 3 link in this post when I have finish writing about it, until now see you in the next post and happy new year.

p/s: if there is grammar error wrong info please let me know, this post was written on 1/1/2015

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