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Microsoft Spying Us On Window 10?

Is it true that Microsoft are spying us on their new OS, Windows 10? Well the answer to this question is depands on you. 

Its hard to say this but Microsoft are gathering some data from your computer with their latest OS. That is the truth but they only gather data that for me not that important to us. Below are some list of what Microsoft steal from you;

Data Collected By Microsoft:
1. What system/hardware/apps/software you use with Window 10
2. How you use your computer (Gaming,online,work,etc)
3. What your interest - what you search on the internet
4. People you cantact (How often - which apps you use)

That is the raw data gathered by Microsoft, but why they need this data?

The first obvious reason is CORTONA in your Window 10. She needs all this data to help you to experince the full benefit of Windows 10. The more she know about you the more she able to serve you.

The other reason for this is so that Microsoft will be able to analyze the data from their customer. This data will be use to improve their service and deliver more good quality product to their customer.

As far as I can see there is no harm on what data that Microsoft get from you unelss you are someone who have double life (Superman = Clark Kent). But if you still don't want them to spy or you want to save your bandwidth then you can actually turn it off.

Currently there is a lot of developer who have volunteer to create and build a software to prevent Microsoft from spying you. I will list some site below where you can find a good info about Microsoft and spying.

As usual all link are safe and no "Anti-Bersih" attached;

OK DONE.....

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